Number Cards 1-10 PDF | Flashcards with Pictures

When kids begin their education, they have to learn about the alphabet and numbers. Straightforward methods are used for Kids to start learning, such as alphabet tracing, number tracing, etc., so that there is not much difficulty in learning.

Do you find that your child is struggling with the number? Or are they just not interested in practicing their numbers? Do they complain about doing it, or do they refuse to practice? If so, then Number Flashcards may be the answer to your problem. Number Flashcards provide an interactive way to learn and practice counting by creating a game out of counting.

Flashcards are a straightforward and effective way to teach preschool or kindergarten Kids something easily. Flashcards help memorize something.

Here I am sharing some free colorful Printable Number cards 1-10. By using these flashcards, you can easily teach Kids 1-10 numbers. These Colorful Number Cards are exciting and easy to learn. I am sure that my flashcards will help kids learn 1-10 Numbers.

1-10 Number Flashcards FREE Printable PDF

Children are learning to count from 1-10. To help them, I created a number flashcard set with pictures and star shapes. It allows children to associate what they’re reading with shapes (stars) that they know. It will make their learning process more enjoyable because they’ll have fun practicing their counting skills!

Every flashcard has a Number, Spelling of the Number, and object count. You can download and print these 1 to 10 number cards for FREE.

Large Number Cards 1-10 with Pictures PDF

Number Cards 1-10 PDF number cards 1-10 with pictures pdf number flashcards printable 1-10 pdf

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